Flying Pigeon LA inventory on Friday, November 7, 2014

This inventory video shows some of the bikes we carry that are made in places other than China, which is an interesting achievement given just how many bikes sold in the U.S. come from that one country.

First up is a pair of bikes from Detroit Bikes, the A-Type and the B-Type, made in (surprise!) Detroit. These elegant and pared-down city bikes are ideal for commutes and weekend trips in the city or on paved paths.

We’ve got Bromptons in our shop (made in Brentford in London, England) as well as a special extra-small Pedersen (for riders in the 5’0″ to 5’2″ range) with 24-inch wheels.

A couple of 22″ Pashley bicycles (made in Stratford-upom-Avon in England) are right next to a Worksman LGG (made in Queens, NY) commercial delivery bike.

Our cargo bikes from Babboe and CETMA cargo are made in Holland and Marina Del Rey.

Any questions or comments?

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