Thule Pack’n’Pedal Racks at Flying Pigeon LA bike shop

In this video, filmed on the last day of 2014 on New Years Eve, I talk about why I love the unfortunately named Thule Pack’n’Pedal rack as compared to traditional wicker baskets.

Thule’s racks are incredible in their ability to work, and work well, on bikes that were never intended to have racks mounted onto them. They are my go-to rack when customers with suspension forks or suspension frames want to do some cross-country touring. They are also excellent when those same customers just want to do some shopping on their suspension-equipped bikes. Fixies are not left out either! Thule’s racks can make a track bike into a grocery getter without having to rely on p-clamps or handlebar mounted metal straps so common on other rack systems.

The Pack’n’Pedal Racks also allow a wheel to be removed without having to fiddle with annoying special mounting hardware down at the quick release skewer. Since the Pack’n’Pedal straps onto the frame or fork independently of the wheel all the worry about welded on eyelets and attachment points fizzles away. What you are left with is a platform for putting in solid work on your bike – touring, trekking, commuting, shopping, you name it.

The accessories for this rack system are heavy duty – well made, but a bit on the pricey side. Some of the bags are also over built to the point of being noticeably heavier than loads of other bike bags on the market. The benefits of this are a sense of security when rolling with your laptop or camera gear in one of the bags. The drawbacks … well, I can’t think of a customer who came back in and asked, “Hey, do you have this bag, but heavier?” Still, I stock a few of Thule’s made-to-fit-perfectly bags. They simply work so well with the racks, I can’t NOT stock them.

Apologies to the cycle chic front basket fans out there. I still love front baskets when they can serve a real practical purpose and not just mash cables and hang on with flimsy leather straps. The Thule Pack’n’Pedal is where it is at if you’ve got a problem bike in your garage that just won’t work with 99% of the cargo carrying accessories on the market.

I keep one or two in stock at the shop – so, stop by with your bike in 2015 and we can outfit your ride for a cargo-carrying new year!

Any questions?

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