Psst! Wanna Buy a Pigeon?

A Flying Pigeon bike shop, that is. Central location between a Gold Line stop and what could be one of LA’s most significant bikeways and all-around shopping street, if Joe Bray-Ali wins his race to replace “Roadkill Gil” Cedillo in CD1.

Joe’s put the renowned Flying Pigeon LA shop that sponsors this blog up for sale, and the proceeds will go right into his campaign. If he wins, the North Figueroa road diet that a previous incarnation of the City Council approved in a unanimous vote will be built. It was funded, designed, and ready to go, and only Cedillo’s petulance has kept Figueroa the Slaughter Alley of Northeast.

And if Joe wins, you win: your shop will be a centerpiece of a street that will blossom with retail life—as streets worldwide have done after road diets, bike lanes, and better sidewalks slowed down the cut-through traffic and made room for rollers, strollers, and neighborhood shoppers instead. People will no longer be afraid to cross the street for a cup of coffee, a new shirt, or their next bike.

Imagine a Figueroa with no more blood in the gutter….

Buy the shop, and you might become not only an entrepreneur but a neighborhood legend, just like Joe!

Contact Joe at The fifteen grand asking price gets you a much-loved name, a built-up shop with seven months still on the lease, a website, and a bit of inventory. Oh, yeah, and a revitalized city council that will work hard to keep small businesses such as yours thriving in healthy, happy neighborhoods!

If you’re not quite ready to become an entrepreneur, you can just donate directly to the campaign through ActBlue.

Either way, you win!

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  1. Bob Davis
    Posted January 30, 2017 at 6:42 pm | Permalink

    Has anyone expressed interest in the bike shop? I’m not in the running because my business acumen is on about the same level as my musical talent (i.e nearly non-existent). And I can’t vote for Joe because I live in San Gabriel. But I do read the newspapers and will be watching the LA City election results closely, even though I “don’t have a dog in this fight.” If all goes well, Joe should bring a fresh and energizing point of view to the City Council.

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