On our own, once again, like always

My comments are being blocked on Los Angeles Streetsblog while the words of my critics (on other posts) are left up. Why? Who else is being silenced in the livable streets community?

I suspect my comments are being blocked because the site, at this point, is little more than a black hole for tax deductions and ego stroking for their miniscule well-heeled donor base. The last thing the site exists for is working towards solving any of the problems in our local transportation and land use system.

My existence, my voice, and the voice of anyone complaining “Hey, isn’t this about safer streets and a more livable city?” is a threat to the often bizarre meta-narrative of divisive, tail-chasing, identity politics the site has been sidetracked on for several years now.

The reporting from the past couple of years has turned into either bystander journalism (e.g. “I attended a public meeting! My NGO friends are great!”); evoking an “Oh dear!” and little else from the readers; or, worse yet, silencing real conversation and debate by making any questioning of a blog post a symbol of how hopelessly gauche, dishonest, or racist the questioner is.

Every other week the site presents one great injustice after another with no means of moving forward other than trusting in the executive directors of other tax deduction puppy mills or lighting candles to the technocrats in some obscure office in Downtown.

My recommendation: if you are a donor, take your money elsewhere.

If you are interested in livable streets in Los Angeles, for the time being (and like always), you’re on your own once again.

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