Flying Pigeon (China) in the News

The New Flying Pigeon Logo (note the new font)

The New Flying Pigeon Logo (note the new font)

As the largest retailer of Flying Pigeons in the US of A we always keep an eye out on our friends in Tianjin.  So as we checked out the latest news of their plans to export to the fine folks in South Korea we scratched our heads at the numbers.

“China has no problem with making the best bicycles, but we have no internationally-known brands, as in other manufacturing sectors,” said the analyst. “So if we want to expand the Korean market, we need to publicize our own brands first.”

China’s bicycle export to Korea was 900,000 sets in the first half of 2009, or 9.1 percent down from the same period last year. At the same time, there was a 20 percent decline to US and 60 percent decrease to Russia, China Bicycle Association said.

China exported 56 million bicycles last year. Some 60 percent of all bicycles that are exported around the world are made in China.

60 percent of the worlds bicycles are made in China?  I’m not certain but I think the number may actually be higher. We’ll have to investigate a bit further.  More interesting to us is that people in China are beginning to realize that creating brands FROM China will help them sell more.  And as one of the few consumer items to survive in China through the various regimes of the past 50 years, Flying Pigeon seems uniquely suited to take advantage of this.

Of course, we are working on convincing them that their quality needs to be world class in order to compete.  We’ll all see what happens long term, but for now, we sure are enjoying the ride.


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  1. sebastianfrith
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    tiawan = china?

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