Amy Ortiz Paintings at Flying Pigeon LA

Rat Fink, 2009 by Amy Ortiz now on display at Flying Pigeon LA.

Rat Fink, 2009 by Amy Ortiz now on display at Flying Pigeon LA.

Artist Amy Ortiz of Boyle Heights has brought four stunning paintings to Flying Pigeon LA, which will be on display from August 8, 2009 until October 9, 2009. The paintings are on display to coincide with NELA Art’s “Second Saturday” event and the monthly Spoke(n) Art Ride and after party collaboration between the Flying Pigeon LA and the Bike Oven (a bike repair collective located two doors away).

Ortiz, raised on the Eastside, has made a name for herself with hand-made plush taxidermy and mixed media paintings like those on display at Flying Pigeon LA. You can check out more of her work online at T&A Friendly.

More about Amy Ortiz (from her self-penned bio):

“In 2005, I earned my BA in Fine Arts at Otis College of Art and Design and since then I’ve been working feverishly on several projects that range from paintings to toys to “plushy taxidermy.” My first passion has always been my paintings and after largely focusing on other projects for the past two years, I decided now was the time to revisit my box of acrylics.

I usually like to bring issues of nostalgia into my work because it reminds me of simpler times, which never seem very distant. In the Nostalgic Misfits Series, I’ve taken several vintage-inspired fabrics and made tablecloths out of them, on top of which I’ve gathered many images from old B-movies and concert posters for the Misfits. The end product is this generic “memory” of a person’s past. It obviously isn’t my past because I’m too young to have grown up during a time when “Attack of the 50ft. Woman” was originally in theaters and vibrant floral patterns were the craze in home décor. Yet, isn’t funny how these markers are most popular when trying to exhibit the childhood of almost anybody? Whether you’re 25 or 55 years old, black and white footage of Howdy Doody will usually draw you back to those early years in elementary school.”

Along with “Rat Fink, 2009”, three other large paintings are on display at Flying Pigeon LA: “Return of the Fly, 2009”; “Teenagers From Mars, 2009”; and “She, 2009”.

Ortiz’s work can be viewed online at her website, T&A Friendly. The show at Flying Pigeon LA will end on October 9, 2009.

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