By Way of Hello….

Here’s a photo from my ride this morning, by way of hello…. I’ll be blogging here once a week or so starting in January, probably Thursdays, about what it means to live and ride in LA, and how we can try to make it better for all riders.

Santa Monica segment of the famous bike path along the beach.

(You can see a little tiny cyclist bottom center if you look real hard….)

I’m Rick Risemberg, publisher of Bicycle Fixation, co-editor of The New Colonist, longtime rider and bike commuter, writer, photographer, wrench, general pain in the ass, and what have you. I put in about 600 miles a month on a couple of fixies, one vintage, one modern, both odd (by LA bicycle-fashion-police standards) with fenders, lights, racks, and grime…but I ride anywhere in all weathers, and they give me freedom.

I’m over in the Pigeon’s neighborhood pretty often. See ya around!

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