A New World at Hand

There’s an important meeting coming up this Thursday, June 2nd, that could be a turning point for development in Los Angeles, bringing us to the verge of a world not dominated by cars.

A fellow named David Alba will be presenting his GRID concept to the Sierra Club in Koreatown that evening. GRID is a revolutionary transport package that combines advanced harbor facilities with underground electric freight shuttle trains, a passenger Metro, river revitalization, long-distance bike paths, wholly-subterranean electric, water, and sewage pipelines, and carfree mixed-use Transit-Oriented Developments in a single-corridor system that could make freeways, and eventually our horrible sprawl, obsolete.

Most especially, it could forestall the planned widening of the 710 freeway in Long Beach, and the staggeringly-expensive boondoggle of the 710 “Gap” tunnel planned for the Pigeon’s part of town. (Which would also crush our neighborhoods under more car and truck traffic than they suffer now.)

It does this using existing technologies and local skills, no pie-in-the-sky vaporware or job-killing offshoring.

We have a more complete announcement over on Bicycle Fixation; check it out.

And show up. Time to change the future!

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