Enter the schwag-on: Flying Pigeon LA fortune cookies

Flying Pigeon LA bike shop fortune cookies!

We have had a lot of cool stuff made to promote our shop: postcards, spoke cards, t-shirts and skirts, and now … fortune cookies!

Our monthly Brewery Rides have taken us up Cypress Avenue, past the sweet smelling Peking Noodle Co., too many times to count. In a car, the smell of baking cookies never has a chance to lure you in – but on a bike it is a block-long treat in an otherwise barren industrial strip of road.

Flying Pigeon LA bike shop fortune cookies

The cookies have custom made fortunes inside, each referencing famous passenger pigeons of yore. Some of the cookies offer discounts on goods or services at the shop – diabetes and a discount! That is an all-American two-fer we just couldn’t pass up.

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