Pedestrian death on Figueroa, a ray of hope from Copenhagen #fig4all

With recent news about a young man being crushed by an out of control drunk driver on North Figueroa Street two nights ago, I though now would be a good time to share this video with the bike community in Los Angeles again.

Most of those commenting on the page for this car crash victim reflect the resigned attitude we Americans tend to have with regards to cars: that they are the most important thing in the city, that deaths and destruction caused by improper car planning are “accidents”.

We at Flying Pigeon LA generally reject these attitudes. Our community was built around the horse and the pedestrian, and later on the street car. The framework for a walk-able and bike-able neighborhood are here. We believe that with some relatively inexpensive roadway changes, our community can thrive as it has in the past.

Copenhagen gives us a good example to follow. Low cost, small, changes built up over a generation to focus on humans and not cars can help build a better city for retail, for psychological and physical health, and for a good habitat for humans in general.

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