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Update on my New Bike

A while back my road bike got stolen so I’ve been trying to piece together a new bike. I had a KHS Flite 100 track frame and fork lying around. I had originally bought the frame from a fellow Michiganderleno after another bike of mine got stolen (throw me a pity party). I built it […]

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Bilenky Collapsible Tandem Recumbent Bicycle at Spoke(n) Art Ride | May 2011

Tandem bicycles are cool. So are recumbents. As well are folding or collapsible bikes. But a collapsible tandem recumbent? Awesome! I peeped on this Bilenky tandem at the last Spoke(n) Art Ride. It features a front disk brake, rear drum, and rear v-brake. The front rider sits in a recumbent and the back rider sits […]

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Learning to Ride a Bike Can Be Hard

I remember when my Dad took the training wheels off my bike. Thank god YouTube didn’t exist then. Hopefully this little trooper gives it another try!

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Recycling with a Nihola

I grew up in Michigan where it’s easy to recycle cans and bottles. The deposit is 10 cents so there is value and nearly every grocery store has a room with machines that take your recyclables and spit out a receipt that you can cash at the cashier. You can even wash your hands! Los […]

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Little Kids in Sharrow T-Shirts


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Spoke(n) Art Ride’s 5 Year Anniversary | 9 April 2011

This was my favorite Spoke(n) Art Ride I’ve ever been on. It was the 5 year Anniversary and I think Josef was feeling nostalgic because he brought back an old tradition of beating and burning a piƱata on the bike path by the river. A customer’s flying pigeon broke down on the ride. Josef fixed […]

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Team Pigeon Track Bike

Flying Pigeon LA Bike Shop has been helping me rebuild an old track bike. So far they had it sand blasted, powder coated, faced, and chased. Yesterday I went in and John helped me install the headset. Looks good huh? I plan on documenting every step of the build process. Click the photos for more.

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Wolfpack Hustle LA Marathon Crash Race 2 Photos

The Wolfpack Hustle LA Marathon Crash Race is a free bicycle race that follows the closed 26.1 mile LA Marathon course hours before the runners. It is unlike other amateur city bicycle races because there is almost no traffic. This race does not determine who can best find their way through a city, but rather, […]

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We’ve got PUBLIC Bikes in Stock. Take a look for yourself. They are designed in San Fransisco. My favorite is the periwinkle blue one on the far left. It’s got internal gears, a Brooks saddle, a “mixte” geometry, stylish rear rack, and a lugged fork. They even “built in” a cable guide through the top […]

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How do You Transport Your Kid(s) on a Bike?

We’ve got a few solutions: Come by the shop and see what’s best for you.

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